GiP Consulting
About us
Iwonna Szumilas
General Director

Mrs. Iwonna Szumilas is the founder and General Director of GiP Consulting.  She has completed MBA program, currently she is taking PhD studies in the field of Human Resources Management. She has been using her many years long professional experience and educational background in psychology in recruitment of Candidates for the top managerial positions as well as in realization of widely understood HR projects.  She is an author of many tools used in realized projects. At work she is guided by passion and respect for another human. She is an energetic, enterprising manager who draws joy from life.

Karolina Kot

A graduate of Modern Languages Department at Warsaw University. Her professional  experience in HR field, from the beginning, has been developed in GiP Consulting. She is responsible for recruitment projects conducted traditionally and with the usage of direct/executive method.  She also takes care of the highest level of languages tests (checking both English and German) filled by the Candidates. In her work she believes that appropriately chosen HR tools for individual needs of a given client, together with  professional  attitude and engagement of both parties constitute the key to mutual success. Privately, a fan of skiing and long wandering along mountain tracks.  These have taught her that even the longest and the most demanding  tracks are able to cope with. All you need is positive attitude and fondness of what you are doing.